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Status: ended

Sell, rent and transfer your digital content

Short review:

Token: NEWS

Price in ICO: 1 BTC = 264,340 NEWS

Country: Russia

Whitelist/KYC: None

preICO start: 1st Jan 2018

preICO end: 31st Jan 2018

ICO start: 1st Feb 2018

ICO end: 1st Mar 2018



Waves Exchange Listing


Token Explorer






Server of Verification Center


Browsers Add-on V1.0


NEWS Web Market


Android and iOS Application




Exchange Integration Listing


Plugin for Web CMS Platforms


API for Mass Business


Smart Contract for Lease, Sale, Buy


SEO and SMM Application


Roadmap for 2019-2021


Grigory Taturov

Executive Manager

Denis Chukardin

Head of ICO

Kirill Melnikov


Vladislav Lenivko

Project Manager

Karina Denishchik

Marketing Manager

Katerina Shimanskaya

Operating Manager

Michael Mashtaller

Web Developer

NEWS News:

  1. Officer who dragged man from plane sues United Airlines  BBC News
  2. Fired officer who dragged United passenger sues airline, Chicago  CBS News
  3. Aviation officer who dragged passenger from United plane sues airline, former employer  ABC News
  4. Full coverage
  1. Syria 'chemical attack': US weighs up military response  BBC News
  2. Defending Assad, Russia Cries 'Fake News'  The Atlantic
  3. Trump warns Russia about shooting down missiles in Syria: 'Get ready'  ABC News
  4. Theresa May indicates willingness for military action against Syria  The Guardian
  5. Full coverage
  1. Yulia Skripal: No-one speaks for me  BBC News
  2. Yulia Skripal turns down offer of assistance from Russian Embassy  Sky News
  3. Yulia Skripal, poisoned daughter of Russian spy, discharged from hospital  ABC News
  4. Full coverage
  1. How to Stay on Top of Breaking News  New York Times
  2. Full coverage
  1. Did Fake News On Facebook Help Elect Trump? Here's What We Know  NPR
  2. Full coverage
  1. Accused Parkland killer wants to give inheritance to victims: Attorney  ABC News
  2. Full coverage
  1. House Speaker Paul Ryan not running for re-election  CBS News
  2. House Speaker Paul Ryan won't seek re-election
  3. Did Speaker Ryan concede House to Democrats?  ABC News
  4. Full coverage
  1. Facebook's Zuckerberg says his data was harvested  BBC News
  2. The Senate Is Afraid to Govern. That's Great News for Facebook.  The Intercept
  3. EU threatens to crack down on Facebook over hate speech  The Guardian
  4. Mark Zuckerberg's testimony reveals Congress' confusion about Facebook  CBS News
  5. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Senate committees -- live blog  Fox News
  6. Full coverage
  1. Guess which cable news network covered the Cohen raid the least  Washington Post
  2. Full coverage
  1. It Built an Empire of GIFs, Buzzy News and Jokes. China Isn't Amused.  New York Times
  2. Full coverage
  1. Roseanne defends pro-Trump Diamond and Silk after Facebook censoring  Fox News
  2. Full coverage
  1. Sarah Sanders says no decisions have been made yet on Syria  CBS News
  2. Full coverage
  1. Elon Musk says regulate social media: 'We can't have willy-nilly proliferation of fake news, that's crazy'  CNBC
  2. Full coverage
  1. Syria war: Trump says missiles 'will be coming'  BBC News
  2. Full coverage
  1. The Overtones singer Timmy Matley dies aged 36  BBC News
  2. Tim Matley is fundraising for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity - JustGiving  JustGiving
  3. Full coverage
  1. News media sue over California's new execution rules  Fox News
  2. Full coverage
  1. Toronto suspect Bruce McArthur charged over seven men's deaths  BBC News
  2. Timeline and List of Victims of Alleged Toronto Serial Killer Bruce McArthur -
  3. Bruce McArthur charged with seventh murder; police to search dozens of properties and examine 15 cold cases  Toronto Star
  4. Full coverage
  1. Dutch 'singing road' closed after neighbours' complaints  BBC News
  2. Full coverage
  1. Federal Reserve eyes more aggressive US interest rate path  BBC News
  2. Full coverage
  1. Burned Silicon Valley home's $800000 price tag raises eyebrows  BBC News
  2. Full coverage

NEWS recent tweets:

2018-04-10 17:09:54 RT @CryptoLawJunkie: A solid masternode coin based on ethash with a great vision and experienced team. I look forward to the implementatio…

2018-04-10 07:03:51 @tpruvot Pool is down again

2018-04-07 06:08:46 @tpruvot Thanks for you hard work!

2018-04-06 13:11:17 @tpruvot Ok ) thats will be risky

2018-04-05 13:14:56 RT @stratisplatform: Stratis presents @BlockchainDelhi conference on the 12th followed by the @CsharpCorner conference on the 13th-14th Apr…

2018-04-03 06:26:29 RT @DesireCoin: @DesireCoin #Electrum wallet soon!!! Electrum protects you from losing coins if you lose your backup or suffer computer fa…

2018-04-03 06:26:03 RT @ORACLEofETH: I am about to airdrop 5 #Litecoin to a lucky FOLLOWER! RETWEET to qualify -Warren B.

2018-03-22 17:59:55 RT @eth_classic: A Few Reasons Why Ethereum Classic ($ETC) Will Soar in 2018📈👀 via @usaCommerce #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing https…

2018-03-22 17:41:38 RT @DesireCoin: Hello Friends. 😀😀😀 The most advanced block explorer for @DesireCoin I recommend to use.😎 $DSR…

2018-03-21 19:27:46 RT @akroma_io: Hey Julian, list us on @BittrexExchange. @jyap

2018-03-17 15:00:02 “Akroma Masternode — Revised Dates” by @detroitpro

2018-03-17 14:50:42 RT @Argentum_ARG: Argentum now has 6 Mining algorithms to choose from. You can mine with ASIC, GPU, and CPU. #ARG is also on @localBCHorg @…

2018-03-16 05:14:12 RT @Coin_Bene: #Coinbene Lists #Travelflex ( $TRF )

2018-03-15 18:58:59 RT @GoaCoin: Team of developers from Russia released a mobile version of wallet for altcoins. GoaCoin the first coin in wallet. We are alre…

2018-03-15 14:10:59 RT @coinbene: 💋【New Token】@travelflexcoin (TRF)will be listed on CoinBene in March 16 2018 TRF available for Depositing & Withdrawing: 201…

2018-03-15 09:45:00 RT @EighthCoin: 10, 9, 8 --> Twitter Airdrop starts now! Download the wallet and claim your 88 8TH.…

2018-03-12 16:23:35 RT @ORACLEofETH: MASSIVE BULL MARKET INCOMING: If #Bitcoin hits 10k by tomorrow... Ill send 1 $BTC to EVERYONE that RETWEETS and LIKES thi…

2018-03-10 09:36:39 @Bortugnos hi! do you know where i can sell coins?

2018-03-05 21:10:09 @Coin_Bene Please, add @travelflexcoin

2018-03-05 08:12:02 RT @cryptomanran: Here we go again...

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