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Your Data Your Asset.

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Token: VLD

Price in ICO: 1 VLD = 0.065 USD

Country: Switzerland

Whitelist/KYC: KYC

Restricted areas: USA

preICO start: 1st Feb 2018

preICO end: 1st Feb 2018

ICO start: 24th Feb 2018

ICO end: 17th Mar 2018


September, 2016

Procivis is Born. Founded by Daniel Gasteiger.

January, 2017

Proof of Concept. e-Government App Store and e-Voting on the Blockchain.

May, 2017

eID+ Pilot. Beta release of integrated digital ID platform.

December, 2017

eID+ Implementation of government accredited eID+ in Switzerland.


Integrated management solution for your personal data.


Daniel Gasteiger

Co-Founder & CEO

Krzysztof Adam Górski

Legal Analyst

Patrick Graber

Head of Business Development

Adithya Pradeep Kumar

Business Analyst

Dominique Kunz

Community Manager

Yves-Alain Petitjean

Co-Founder & CFO

Sven Stucki

Software Engineer

Costa Vayenas

Senior Government Consultant

Giorgio Zinetti


Lucas Betschart

President Bitcoin Association Switzerland

Thomas Bocek

Blockchain Expert & Head of P2P and Distributed Computing at UZH

Malik El Bay

Blockchain Entrepreneur

Michael Guzik

ICO Manager Lykke Corp

Eva Kaili

Member of the European Parliament

Ronald Kogens

Legal & Regulatory Counsel FRORIEP Legal Ltd.

Guilherme Sperb Machado

ITO Advisor & Senior Software Engineer

Monique Morrow

Co-Founder Humanized Internet & Former Cisco CTO

Grégoire Notz

Managing Director Notz Stucki Group

Ozan Polat

Blockchain Consultant & Entrepreneur

Rolf Rauschenbach

Strategy Advisor & Political Scientist

Guido Rudolphi

Blockchain & IT Security

Christoph Rüdt

Strategic Communication Ruedt Communication Consulting GmbH

Roger Wirth

Information & Cyber Security

Lili Zhao

Investor Relations Advisor


  1. Economists Say US Tariffs Are Wrong Move on a Valid Issue  New York Times
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  1. Warranty void stickers 'not valid' in US, says FTC  BBC News
  2. 15 U.S. Code Chapter 50 - CONSUMER PRODUCT WARRANTIES | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute  Legal Information Institute
  3. FTC Says 'Warranty Void If Removed' Stickers Are Bullshit, Warns Manufacturers They're Breaking the Law  Motherboard
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  1. 'Selfish mining' not a valid issue, Dr. Craig S. Wright says  CoinGeek (press release)
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  1. Biometrics cannot be invasive even if Aadhaar held valid: SC  Times of India
  2. What is Aadhaar card and where is it mandatory?  The Indian Express
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  1. Top medical group says 'no medically valid reason' to ban transgender troops  CNN
  2. “There is no medically valid reason” to ban trans people from the military, American Medical Association says  VICE News
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  1. 'No medically valid reason' to exclude transgender troops, AMA chides Mattis  Politico
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  1. 'No medically valid reason' to ban trans troops, American Medical Association says
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  1. HARRINGTON: Ingraham boycott is valid protest  Marquette Wire
  2. Laura Ingraham on Twitter: "David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged ...  Twitter
  3. Student journalist interviewed classmates as shooter walked Parkland school halls  CNN
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  1. Former Richland Co. Administrator Says Termination was not Valid
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  1. SC Refuses To Examine The Challenge Against Constitutional Validity Of Sections 5(ii) And 7 Of Hindu Marriage Act ...  Live Law
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  1. Top medical organization: “No medically valid” reason to exclude transgender service members  Metro Weekly
  2. AMA claims there's 'no medically valid reason' to exclude transgender people from military service
  3. The AMA Flat Out Rejected The Idea That It's Medically Valid To Ban Transgender Troops  A Plus
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  1. Capital gains exemption valid even if housing loan used for new house: ITAT  Times of India
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  1. Kohl's: New 20% off coupon valid TODAY
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  1. Valid methods for serving documents in party wall dispute  The Times
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  1. Investigation into ex-4CD trustee president found sexual harassment allegation valid  The Inquirer
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  1. Indian students denied entry into Georgia despite valid visas, Sushma Swaraj intervenes  Zee News
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  1. Does Service Of Forfeiture Order On Minor Constitute A Valid Service? SC To Consider  Live Law
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  1. In the Middle East, Not All Narratives Are Valid  Algemeiner
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  1. Sissi wins Egypt election with 97% of valid votes — official  The Times of Israel
  2. With 97.08% of valid votes, Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gets re-elected
  3. Sisi wins Egypt election with 97% of valid votes  Khaleej Times
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  1. One Year Limitation for GST Transitional Credit Constitutionally Valid: Bombay HC [Read Judgment] (press release)
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